Tim Woodard, Morristown, TN , appreciates that he was the the first in his family to have the opportunity to attend college and he was sure to make the most of it. He earned an Associates Degree in History first, then followed that up with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, before heading to law school for his Juris Doctor law degree. Since coming back to Morristown, TN, Tim Woodard believes the strong blue-collar work ethic he grew up with plays a strong part in his legal practice, which has so far been very successful.

Of course he has worked on many legal cases and he has represented many clients in court, but he has settled many more, and he has also negotiated many contracts. He also has experience as a judicial clerk. For a while now, Tim Woodard, Morristown, TN aspiring attorney, has risen to be one of the most highly skilled and experienced mediators in the beautiful and poor Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. Tim Woodard not only grew up in the region, but he also came back to Morristown, TN to provide the best possible legal support to the community because he believes that is a critical part of being a good person.