Hailing from the Appalachian area of eastern Tennessee, Tim Woodard took his blue collar work ethic and created a robust career path for himself from it. The first member of his family to graduate from college, Woodard earned an Associate of Science degree in history and then continued his post-secondary studies. Equipped with full scholarships, Woodard gained a Bachelor of Science in business administration and his Juris Doctorate, rounding out three degrees before beginning his professional life.

Professionally, Tim Woodard worked within the law field and in a variety of roles. He tried cases of his own in addition to ghostwriting for appellate court cases and portfolio management. Woodard made his resume more diverse through work in athletics, from operations to marketing and management. He also held positions in human resources and business management, owning his own business at one time. With a diverse career history, Woodard continues to create success for himself professionally.